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Spring Meeting Rd 2

Sunday 30th March 2014, Yellow Tees, Hotchkin

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Results Points 
1st M Ellwood(4) Bush Hill Park Golf Club38  
2nd Peter Tankard(11) Beauchief Golf Club37  
3rd David Clibborn(6) Beau Desert Golf Club36  
4th Martyn Davies(12) Hinckley Golf Club36  
5th Robert Edward(10) Howley Hall Golf Club34  
6th Edward Thomas Mellor(8) Worsley Golf Club34  
7th Carl Lovell(11) Rothley Park Golf Club34  
8th Nicholas Danvers(7) Scraptoft Golf Club34  
9th B Hannan(10) Cleckheaton & District Golf Club34  
10th Kevin Courtney(12) Lutterworth Golf Club34  
11th Neville Townsend(17) Lutterworth Golf Club34  
12th Douglas Pinnington(11) Whittington Heath Golf Club33  
13th Lee Malin(8) Whittington Heath Golf Club33  
14th Darren Stokes(12) Scraptoft Golf Club32  
15th Tony Kidger(11) Leicestershire Golf Club32  
16th Marcus Dawson(10) Whittington Heath Golf Club32  
17th Dean Travers(6) Whittington Heath Golf Club32  
18th Chris Titmus(9) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club32  
19th Brian Cassidy(13) Scraptoft Golf Club32  
20th Alan Milburn(12) Lutterworth Golf Club32  
21st John D Wisbey(8) Hainault Forest Golf Club32  
22nd Christopher Morley(6) Leicestershire Golf Club32  
23rd Robert Prior(19) Abbeydale Golf Club32  
24th Michael Abbotts(7) Northamptonshire County Golf Club32  
25th Ken A Murray(15) Beauchief Golf Club31  
26th Stephen Elliott(10) Scraptoft Golf Club31  
27th Graham Parr(15) Blundells Hill Golf Club31  
28th David Heyes(12) Blundells Hill Golf Club31  
29th P T Higgins(4) Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club31  
30th Andrew Hurley(10) Toot Hill Golf Club31  
31st Alex Scott(10) Lutterworth Golf Club31  
32nd Dave Proudlove(12) Grimsby Golf Club31  
33rd Mark English(8) Blundells Hill Golf Club31  
34th Andy Macey(5) Bramshaw Golf Club31  
35th Ian Kearney(1) West Lancashire Golf Club31  
36th Sean Lakin(7) Whittington Heath Golf Club31  
37th Chris Perrin(5) Lymm Golf Club31  
38th Paul Deakin(9) Whittington Heath Golf Club30  
39th S McLoughlin(3) Bush Hill Park Golf Club30  
40th Phil Stanton(9) Howley Hall Golf Club30  
41st Martin J Smith(10) Howley Hall Golf Club30  
42nd David Jardine(5) West Lancashire Golf Club30  
43rd Graham Tansley(8) Toot Hill Golf Club30  
44th Paul Bunn(10) Trentham Golf Club29  
45th G Caygill(6) Bishop Auckland Golf Club29  
46th Jim Reilly(6) Blundells Hill Golf Club29  
47th C Hills(9) Coventry Golf Club28  
48th Richard Holliwell(7) Hainault Forest Golf Club28  
49th P Colcombe(12) Lymm Golf Club28  
50th Andrew Byrne(2) West Lancashire Golf Club28  
51st Michael Oates(6) Whittington Heath Golf Club28  
52nd Anthony Cullinan(7) Coventry Golf Club27  
53rd Richard Walker(6) Scraptoft Golf Club27  
54th John Frank Carter(10) Beau Desert Golf Club27  
55th Glen Arnison(6) Howley Hall Golf Club27  
56th P Langston(6) Beau Desert Golf Club27  
57th Dave Reid(7) Blundells Hill Golf Club27  
58th Nicholas Jones(1) West Lancashire Golf Club26  
59th Martin McAndrew(12) Mapperley Golf Club26  
60th R Barker(19) Coventry Golf Club26  
61st Neil Crees(6) Greetham Valley Golf Club26  
62nd Andrew Levett(17) Seaton Carew Golf Club25  
63rd S Hart(13) Tydd St Giles Golf & Leisure Centre25  
64th Ian Price(8) Beau Desert Golf Club25  
65th Andy Lane(6) Mapperley Golf Club25  
66th S Graitrix(11) Scraptoft Golf Club25  
67th David Middleton(10) Lutterworth Golf Club25  
68th A J Freelove(14) Coventry Golf Club25  
69th Jerry Bown(13) West Lancashire Golf Club25  
70th Robert Carter(15) Whittington Heath Golf Club24  
71st Chris Reilly(10) Blundells Hill Golf Club24  
72nd P J Epplestone(10) Coventry Golf Club24  
73rd Andrew Cull(9) Lutterworth Golf Club24  
74th Peter Wilson(17) Normanby Hall Golf Club24  
75th Jim Simmons(12) Beauchief Golf Club24  
76th Christopher Pritchard(4) West Lancashire Golf Club24  
77th Caz Rushton(17) Barnsley Golf Club23  
78th D Heathfield(11) Bush Hill Park Golf Club23  
79th B Budden(11) Coventry Golf Club23  
80th Martin Barber(10) Howley Hall Golf Club23  
81st F L Hodgkiss(11) Deane Golf Club23  
82nd Jason English(10) Beauchief Golf Club23  
83rd R Ebsworth(10) Belton Park Golf Club22  
84th Corey Lovell(18) Rothley Park Golf Club22  
85th Malcolm Levett(17) Hazel Grove Golf Club22  
86th Graham Winfield(9) Mapperley Golf Club21  
87th Harry Ball(22) Blundells Hill Golf Club21  
88th D Norwood (10) Leicestershire21  
89th Phillip Burdett(10) Leicestershire Golf Club20  
90th Peter Barson(15) Belton Park Golf Club18  
91st Barry Krelle(10) Blundells Hill Golf Club18  
92nd Trevor Mason(19) Sutton Hall Golf Club16  
93rd Chris Hanratty(21) Frodsham Golf Club16  
94th Phil Medley(15) Normanby Hall Golf Club15  
95th Rod Morris(20) Whittington Heath Golf Club13  
DQ Brian Hill(5) Howley Hall Golf ClubDQ signed for wrong score
WD Warren Cassidy(18) Scraptoft Golf ClubWD
WD Pat Dunworth(12) Burton-on-Trent Golf ClubWD
WD Alan Stevenson(9) Norwood Park Golf ClubWD
WD Hedley Coaster(8) Trent Park Golf ClubWD

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