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Head Coach (PGA Advanced)

Neil's Winter Offers

A PGA member since 1991, Neil is passionate about developing players to their full potential. He has built his coaching team around an interdisciplinary philosophy. An expert coach himself, specializing in technical swing, short game and junior development, he has access to help from experts in every aspect of golf learning. As such, he has been instrumental in the development of a large number of today's top young players, and coaches amateurs and professional players. His work with young players is highly regarded, representing the PGA on the Lincolnshire Junior Priority Panel, and he marries an outwardly easy-going approach to his considerable technical and academic knowledge. This makes him one of the regions’ most sought after coaches.


Alison's Winter Offers

Former LET and International Amateur Player, Alison is a well-respected and popular coach. She is also a former Midland Region 'Coach of the Year' and Lincolnshire PGA Captain. She is expert in 'Instinctive Golf' coaching, with many years of experience at all levels, delivering fun and informative group and individual sessions. She uses her considerable skills to coach the Lincolnshire County Girls and has been instrumental in increasing their numbers over many years.

We are proud to have Alison as a double gold-medallist in the World Transplant games.

Tel: 07887 594313 / Email

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Scott's Winter Offers

A regular winner on the Midland Region PGA circuit, Scott has a formidable reputation for his skills as a coach, with a speciality in the short game. Former Midland PGA Champion, Scott delivers short game schools to groups and individuals, making full use of exceptional facilities. He coaches a number of top-class amateurs and professionals.


Welcome to Sam Vickers Golf Performance

As a Golf Physical Performance Coach, my aim is to help golfers of all levels, ages and injury background to maximise their body’s potential and become a better player.

It is well evidenced that the golf-swing is one of the most biomechanically demanding movements in all sports. Having the ability to exploit your full potential through practise alone will always be limiting.

Due to the forces that are placed on your joints through multiple repetitions of swing-movements, the risk of over-use injury is much greater, further reducing your chances of long-term progress.

Through my expertise of Sports Biomechanics, Physiology and years of coaching experience working with players from the European Tour, to beginner weekend warriors, I have created a system that is unique to each individual need. From seniors to juniors, your unique background, from; age, playing ability, swing mechanics and physical limitations leads to a plan that is specific to the player and their goals. In turn, this maximises player output.

To book a consultation and movement screening or start your online coaching journey to better golf, check out his services at:

SV Golf

or email or call at 07708 830957.


Jack Shaw is a Sports Physiotherapist who has a passion for injury rehabilitation, return to play and injury reduction. His aim is to keep people playing pain free, for as long as possible.

Working with players / sports people of all standards and ages, he is based at the Performance Centre but also offers physiotherapy intervention to the wider community, treating all musculoskeletal conditions. Intervention includes but not limited to; assessment to identify injuries and injury risk, provide individualised exercise programmes (strength and mobility), educate and advice on injuries and return to play, apply manual therapy through joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, taping and acupuncture.

To book an assessment with Jack call:

01522 529000, quoting Woodhall Spa or visit

Lincoln Physiotherapy

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